Intergovernmental mechanisms project (IGM)

Fact Sheet Series - Engaging with IGMs on the right to a healthy environment and climate change

This is a series of fact sheets on NHRIs engagement with intergovernmental mechanisms on the rights to a healthy environment and climate change

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Introducing the Intergovernmental Mechanisms Project

Collaboration between NHRIs and regional inter-governmental mechanisms (IGMs). Many of the pressing human rights issues in our region today cross national borders. They include the impacts of climate…


IGM Project - Baseline Assessment

Intergovernmental Mechanisms Project - Baseline Assessment. National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) constitute an essential bridge between the State, civil society as well as the regional and inte…


NHRI engagement with regional mechanisms

NHRI engagement with regional mechanisms. What are regional human rights mechanisms?. “Regional arrangements play a fundamental role in promoting and protecting human rights. They should reinforce un…