COVID-19 and NHRIs study

COVID-19 and NHRIs - a study by OHCHR, GANHRI and UNDP

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, NHRIs everywhere have directed significant efforts towards addressing its human rights implications in societies with a view to bolstering preparedness, rights-based response and recovery.

In light of the extensive efforts of NHRIs, the objective of this study is to provide an overview of good practices, experiences and lessons learned on the role of NHRIs in the context of COVID-19. Specifically,

  • To demonstrate the important role and activities of NHRIs in addressing the human rights dimensions of COVID-19 through application of their mandates and functions under the Paris Principles by identifying good practices and lessons learned.
  • To assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on NHRIs across all aspects of their mandates and functions, and in relation to a broad scope of human rights themes.
  • To provide input to the identification of needs and relevant modalities for support to NHRIs by member states and external stakeholders.
  • To illustrate the role and activities of the TPP partners including GANHRI and the regional networks in supporting NHRIs, as well as the engagement between NHRIs and other relevant stakeholders.

Download a copy of the study here - COVID-19-and-NHRI.pdf (

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The human rights dimensions of COVID-19