SCA Practice Note 1 - Deferrals

Practice Note 1 - Deferrals

Adopted in Geneva, 6 March 2017

The SCA may decide to defer an application rather than making a recommendation as to the accreditation status of an NHRI. It may do this where, for example:

  • The SCA has identified significant concerns that may impact adversely on the NHRI’s accreditation status and would like to provide the NHRI with an opportunity to provide additional information or to take action to address its concerns;
  • SCA recommendations made at a previous review remain unaddressed, and the NHRI has not explained why no action has been taken or why the issues have not been addressed in the intervening five-year period;
  • significant legislative reforms are pending that may impact on the accreditation status of an NHRI; or
  • the political or security situation in the state in which the NHRI is operating is so volatile as to make a proper review of the NHRI impossible.

A decision of the SCA to defer an application is not an accreditation recommendation under Article 12 of the GANHRI Statute. It cannot, therefore, be challenged in accordance with the provisions of Article 12.

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