Practical Guidance for NHRIs on Climate Change

GANHRIs draft Practical Guidance for NHRIs on Climate Change

At the 2020 GANHRI Annual Conference, NHRIs from all regions pledged to work individually and collectively to promote human-rights-based climate action. The conference statement Climate Change: The Role of National Human Rights Institutions set out some of the practical ways that NHRIs can work for climate justice.

Building from this statement, GANHRI have developed the following draft (as of April 2022) Practical Guidelines for NHRIs on Climate Change. The Guide aims to provide information about the relationship between climate change and human rights in international human rights mechanisms; provide information about how GANHRI members can engage with human rights and other international mechanisms on climate change; and provide a mechanism for members to share their experiences with climate action.

Download a copy of the draft here

Annexes can be accessed here

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