The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC)

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC)

The IASC website is an excellent resource for guidelines, policies, tools and documents endorsed by the IASC and used to inform humanitarian preparedness and response.

About the IASC

Created by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly resolution 46/182 in 1991, the Inter-Agency Standing Committee is the longest-standing and highest-level humanitarian coordination forum of the UN system, bringing together the executive heads of 18 UN and non-UN organizations to ensure coherence of preparedness and response efforts, formulate policy, and agree on priorities for strengthened humanitarian action. The IASC is chaired by the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) and facilitates the leadership role of the UN Secretary-General by regularly convening to ensure better preparation for, as well as rapid and coherent response to, humanitarian crises.

The responsibilities of the IASC include: making strategic and policy decisions with system-wide implications; endorsing major operational decisions; arbitration where no consensus can be reached by other IASC structures; advocating common principles, collectively or individually on behalf of the IASC; approving the work plans of the IASC structures; bringing issues to the attention of the Secretary-General and Security Council through the ERC; and, designating Humanitarian Coordinators and selecting coordination arrangements.

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