Operational Guidelines - Regional Action Plan on Human Rights Defenders (RAP)

Operational Guidelines - For implementing the national actions in the APF Regional Action Plan on Human Rights Defenders (RAP)

  1. About this guide  

This resource provides a step-by-step guideline for your National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) to implement the APF Regional Action plan on Human Rights Defenders (RAP).  

This resource, and the accompanying online course in the APF Community, aim to support your NHRI in implementing the Regional Action Plan at the national level.  

  1. Who is this guide for?  

This guide is for leaders and members of NHRIs, including Ombudspersons, Commissioners, Senior Executive Officers (SEOs), senior managers, as well as staff  that will be involved in work to promote and protect the rights of human rights defenders (HRDs).  

  1. How to use this guide  

You can use this guide for individual learning at any time of your choosing, or, together with your colleagues when you begin the process of incorporating a focus on HRDs into your work. An accompanying online course is also available for NHRI staff to undertake in the APF Community. 

Download the guides in English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia and Russian on the APF website

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